Index to Canadian Legal Periodical Literature

From: Nadege Arsa
Sent: November 15, 2010 8:38 AM
Subject: Index to Canadian Legal Periodical Literature

The CAIJ (Centre d’accès à l’information juridique), an organization related to the Barreau du Québec, acquired in the Spring of 2009 all the rights, titles and interests in the Index to Canadian Legal Periodical Literature (ICLPL), including copyrights for both print and electronic formats.  The CAIJ is proud to continue the work of  Marianne Scott, a personality who has made her mark in the Canadian library community.

Since April 2010, CAIJ has provided electronic access to the Index through the library catalog JuriBistroMD BIBLIO. Fully bilingual, this electronic version covers the period from 1998 to today. Index entries are in the form of bibliographic records. It is thus possible to more easily locate journal articles and case comments either by subject, author or title.

The Index is updated on a regular basis. Once the issues of periodicals are received in CAIJ libraries, they are indexed in a period of time ranging from one to two weeks. In order to enrich the content of bibliographic records of articles or case comments, the following elements are added based on availability and authorizations received:

  • summaries of articles,
  • links to the full text of articles, if they are freely available on the website of the publisher
  • links to judgments in case comments.

The Index has been renamed in honor of Ms. Marianne Scott and now bears the title Index Scott des périodiques juridiques canadiens / Scott Index to Canadian Legal Periodical Literature>. It is accessible to the entire legal community.

Furthermore, Ms Scott will continue to produce and distribute the paper edition of the Index pursuant to an exclusive licence granted by the CAIJ.  Both current and back volumes of the paper edition of the Index will be available to the legal community, as they have been in the past, from the Index to Canadian Legal Periodical Literature.

For the CAIJ, this is another important step towards its objective of increasing the access to legal literature in order to better answer the needs of its clientele.


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